XFIL – Data Exfiltration Tool

Most security assessments focus on protecting your environment from external threats, but what happens when an internal system is compromised or there are malicious insider threats on your network? How effective are your current security controls blocking or detecting data exfiltration?
Stratum Security’s patented Data Exfiltration tool, XFIL, simulates over 260+ ways in which data can leave your network. XFIL leverages the intelligent XFIL agent to mimic the same techniques an attacker would use to provide visibility into how data leaves your network by testing the effectiveness of your egress firewall rules, IDS/IPS, DLP, and outbound web proxy.

XFIL provides a “smoke test” to determine how data can leave your network undetected. The results arm your administrators with the information they need to plug dangerous gaps on your network and ensure current security controls are operating as intended.