Stratum Security provides high quality information security assessment services that provide the customer with clear and concise risk information. Each of Stratum’s offerings assesses the security posture of key technology layers within an organization’s environment. Each engagement is delivered by a team of experienced security professionals that leverage cutting edge technology and a proven methodology.


XFIL – Data Exfiltration Tool

Most security assessments focus on protecting your environment from external threats, but what happens when an internal system is compromised or there are malicious insider threats on your network? How effective are your current security controls blocking or detecting data exfiltration? Read More

Cloud Security

Web Application Security

The demands of the marketplace are pushing business-critical applications and processes to the edge of the network perimeter where they are exposed to the Internet, business partners, and customers via web based applications. The organization demands assurance that the applications provide secure and continuous service. Read More


Penetration Testing

Has your organization’s investment in security had an impact? Are currently deployed security controls effective? If an attacker compromised your network what is the impact? Penetration testing simulates an attack by real-world threat agents. Stratum Security will employ the same tools, techniques and methods used by determined attackers to probe, test, and penetrate your defenses. Read More


Vulnerability Testing

Regulatory pressures as well as the risk of data loss have caused organizations to take a closer look at the security of their infrastructure. Stratum Security’s Vulnerability Assessment allows the customer to better understand their security posture both from the Internet and the internal network. This answers several key questions: Read More


Managed ThreatSim

Stratum can manage regular and on-going ThreatSim simulations and training exercises on behalf of our customers. Our expert staff can design simulated spear phishing campaigns that suit your organization’s culture and risk profile. Follow-up training can be tuned to your specific requirements. Regular management reports are delivered so that intelligent and concise action can be taken. Read More


Mobile Security

The demands of the market are pushing critical data into the cloud and on to users’ mobile devices at high velocity. The high rate of mobile adoption exposes organizations to new risks. Stratum’s Mobile Application Security Assessment examines the security posture of your mobile applications by assessing the overall architecture, server-side code, and device-level security controls.


Wireless Security

Assesses the security posture of an organization’s wireless network.  A Wireless Vulnerability Assessment provides an organization validation of current security controls protecting the wireless network, and provides a point in time assessment of the risks posed by the wireless network. A Wireless Vulnerability Assessment will help an organization identify potential risks due to unauthorized access to the wireless network, unauthorized monitoring of wireless communications and other wireless vulnerabilities.  Recommendations for improving the security of the wireless network will be identified in the final deliverables.  All components of the wireless system are examined including: wireless access points, client configuration, and supporting infrastructure such as authentication servers, and access control devices. Read More


Security Program Development

Modern businesses can no longer ignore the need for information security. Some organizations do not require a full time CISO or security manager but need an on-demand resource for security guidance and support. Stratum Security has helped small to medium business tackle security challenges from the data center to the boardroom.  Our consultants can assist you in everything from staff augmentation, secure software development, and security program development.

Read More


Source Code Review

A security source code review assess the security of an application by examining source code.  Stratum’s code review methodology assesses the people, the processes, and the technologies in each application.  By evaluating each layer of the application, the development process, and the developers themselves, Stratum Security can identify critical flaws, can determine the root cause of such flaws, and can construct cost-effective recommendations for remediation. Read More