• Q: What would I be working on?

    A: You'd be working on our new product XFIL. It will let our customers simulate various attacks to ensure that their security program is actually doing what they want it to do (blocking traffic, alerting appropriately, etc). Essentially we get to think like bad guys and help our customers improve their security. It's an interesting space to say the least. If you ever wanted to learn more about security and cutting-edge attacks, this is the place. We simulate evil AND give our customers data that they can use to protect their organization. You will spend a lot of time thinking "if I was a bad guy I'd..." then have to pivot and think "if I was a security engineer I'd..."

  • Q: Where is this position located?

    A: This is a remote position that is open to residents only located within the US or Canada. We understand that not every developer wants to move to SF, NYC, or DC so we let you work wherever you are productive.

  • Q: What will my day to day be like as a developer?

    You grab your coffee and commute to your home office (or coffee shop, wherever) in about 30 seconds. There, in the comfort of home, you work on new features, enhancements, and issues to ensure that XFIL will be awesome. You keep in touch with the team using Slack, Skype, Join.me or Google Hangouts. Using your company provided Macbook you write code, commit to Github, and listen to your friends complain about traffic on Facebook. When you are done for the day you commute home in about 30 seconds.

  • Q: Who will I be working with?

    Other developers, devops, security consultants, product management, sales, and maybe even customers. We're a 15 person company so needless to say you?ll know everyone on a first name basis.

  • Q: What technology to you use?

    XFIL is built entirely within Amazon Web Services. Linux, load balancers, auto-scaling, Docker, Redis, git, Splunk, HIDS, two-factor auth, and a lot of cool security stuff that you probably aren’t used to seeing in a startup. We use a lot of fairly modern technologies on the XFIL project, and have subprojects using:

    • Golang
    • Python
    • js with Express and Koa
    • js
    • JQuery
    • Postgresql and
    • Redis

    We’re also making pretty heavy use of Docker and Amazon’s Web Services. We certainly do not expect applicants to familiar with everything on this list.

  • Q: What skills and qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

    A: Here’s a bullet list of what we would like for you to know to start:

    • The latest stable version of Node.js
    • Javascript libraries like Vue.js and jQuery for frontend development
    • Databases such as Postgresql, and Redis
    • How to write robust and valuable tests at the unit, integration, and functional levels
    • Client-side and server side MVC
    • Designing and working with REST APIs
    • How to effectively use git to do version control

    The ideal candidate will be comfortable working remote and managing themselves. You will be an integral part of the team with a huge impact on the future of our product. We’re passionate about what we do and you should be too.

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