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Fighting The Advanced Attacker: 9 Security Controls You Should Add To Your Network Right Now


¬†We have a new post over at the ThreatSim Blog “Fighting The Advanced Attacker: 9 Security Controls You Should Add To Your Network Right Now“. It is a list of 9 things that everyone should be doing with their existing devices, infrastructure and network. Other than a lot of hard drive space (heh) the recommendations don’t cost much.

If you are in a role that requires you to defend against advanced attackers you should check out our ThreatSim attack simulation service.



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Shmoocon 2010 Slides Online


I have a feeling that Shmoocon 2010 (and all snow-themed variations of the name) will go down as one of the most unique security conference experiences ever. Given that some people still have not made it home Shmoocon might be one of the longest running security conferences ever. I had a great time hanging out with friends and a great time giving my first ever conference talk “The New World of Smartphone Security – What your iPhone Disclosed About You”.

Highlights for me included Michael Weigand’s talk “Build your own Predator UAV @ 99.95% Discount” about making your own autonomous aerial camera platform. Since the UAV uses a GPS to orient itself and lat/long coordinates to fly its route, I was thinking that it would be cool to send his UAV the coordinates of an iPhone user for the ultimate aerial tracking system.

Some have been asking where the archived uStream footage of my talk is. It turns out that the AV folks had some technical issues on Saturday morning and were unable to stream or record my talk. However, did catch all but the first 10 minutes. I bought the DVD and am waiting to hear from the folks at Shmoocon if I am cleared to rip and post the video. Once we hear back on that I’ll post the link to Vimeo.

In the mean time here is the slide deck:

Stratum Security-The New World of Smartphone Security-Shmoocon 2010.pdf

Thank you to everyone that attended the talk!