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Fake MS Word 2012 in the Apple App Store right now


A user on Hacker News pointed out that there is an app in the Apple App Store right now that claims to be MS Word 2012. Which I found literally seconds after we were just chatting about this ThreatPost post regarding a fake Android app that is actually Zeus.

I’m not sure how long the app will stay in the App Store, but I’m thinking not very long. Screen show below:

Update: And it’s gone as of 21:00 6/18/2012 EDT.


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22 Interesting Confessions of A Botmaster


A few weeks ago there was an IAMA on Reddit from a malware author and botnet operator. An IAMA is an Q&A session on that allows Reddit users to ask the poster questions. We’ve distilled down the large thread to the most interesting questions and answers here.

It was a very interesting read into the mind, methods, and tools within the botnet community. The person spent a long time answering questions and providing insight into malware, botnets, attacker motivations, and the underground economy. We scoured the threads for the salient points and have distilled them here.

He provided the following screen capture as proof (opens in a new window since it’s rather large):

Botnet Proof

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