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Solving the PCI Level Puzzle with What Level am I?


Starting with my first ever foray into PCI compliance, I have consistently encountered many clients (and even more potential clients) who have struggled with understanding their PCI requirements. While this may seem like a relatively easy task based on the information provided by the card brands, it is my experience that to those who’ve never dealt with PCI before (and even those who deal with it on a casual basis), it can be a daunting task.

Flashback to a couple of months back: Trevor and I were discussing a prospective client with this exact issue when we came up with the idea of developing a website that asked simple questions and provided clear answers. Many discussions followed, a majority of which were with current and prospective PCI clients. We found that even seasoned PCI compliance professionals thought this was a “no-brainer.”

What Level am I?Today Stratum is happy to announce the culmination of all of our talking, skype-ing, and coding with the launch of – a site that aims to be a quick online tool aimed at helping visitors easily and quickly identify their PCI requirements. While the site doesn’t cover every potential entity involved in PCI, it covers PCI Merchants and Service Providers. We’ve tried to make the site as simple as possible, using JavaScript and CSS to do most of the work. We’ve even gone as far as providing definitions for terms unfamiliar to those outside PCI (they’re underlined…simply mouse-over them and the definition will appear).

We would love to hear your feedback on the site, and would of course appreciate you spreading the word about its existence. Enjoy!