• Assess Risk

    Stratum Security is an information security consulting company headquartered in the Washington DC Metro area. Founded in 2005, we provide services to clients world wide. Our list of clients range from large multi-national enterprises to growing start-ups.

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  • Develop A Program

    We help organizations both large and small develop, improve and mature their security programs.

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  • Application Security

    Software has become the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Stratum has assessed software that powers everything from online banking, mobile devices, social networks to factory assembly floors. Trusting your applications requires an objective, critical, and in-depth security review.
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  • Services

    High quality information security assessment services.

    Each of Stratum’s offerings assesses the security posture of key technology layers within an organization’s environment. Each engagement is delivered by a team of experienced security professionals that leverage cutting edge technology and a proven methodology.

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  • Managed Testing

    Managed Application Security Testing

    A core expertise at Stratum is application security testing. Whether you have a small number of applications that you want assessed regularly, or hundreds of applications that require differing levels of testing, Stratum will work with you to define a testing methodology aligned with your requirements, and schedule that fits your risk tolerance and budget.

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  • XFIL

    Stratum's Data Exfiltration Tool

    XFIL is a Stratum patented data exfiltration tool that simulates the testing for over 260+ ways that data could leave your network in the event an internal system is compromised. It essentially simulates an APT and automates the testing of your security controls such as egress filtering, DLP and MSP. It presents an interesting approach to bring the simulated attack full circle and provides valuable insight on your ability to detect APTs and any breach that has gotten past your perimeter controls.

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