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    Assess Risk

    Stratum Security is an information security consulting company headquartered in the Washington DC Metro area. Founded in 2005, we provide services to clients world wide. Our list of clients range from large multi-national enterprises to growing start-ups.

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    Stop Spear Phishing

    Advanced attacks require proactive measures. ThreatSim allows customers to run their own advanced end-to-end attack simulations including user training and data exfiltration. Read More

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    Develop A Program

    We help organizations both large and small develop, improve and mature their security programs.

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    Application Security

    Software has become the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Stratum has assessed software that powers everything from online banking, mobile devices, social networks to factory assembly floors. Trusting your applications requires an objective, critical, and in-depth security review.
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  • Services

    High quality information security assessment services.

    Each of Stratum’s offerings assesses the security posture of key technology layers within an organization’s environment. Each engagement is delivered by a team of experienced security professionals that leverage cutting edge technology and a proven methodology.

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  • ThreatSim

    Automated Data Exfiltration and Spear Phishing Testing Service

    ThreatSim allows users to run attack simulations, on demand, via an easy to use web interface. Simulations mimic how hackers infiltrate your organization through phishing and exfiltrate sensitive data.

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  • PCI Compliance

    Achieve and Maintain Compliance

    Compliance with various regulatory requirements continues to be a driving force behind many organization's security efforts. Stratum Security recognizes that choosing an experienced and capable security partner to help satisfy various regulations is important.

    Stratum Security is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).
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